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breastcancer.jpg Fashion vs breast cancer

Fashion or breast cancer? Breast cancer or fashion? We know which side we’re on: Come on fashion!

I was accosted in the pub the other week by someone shaking a tin for leukaemia. I was just dropping my 50p into the slot when it occurred to me: Wait! Are they for it or against it? I enquired and, thankfully, it turned out they were against it. Phew! And, needless to say, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer are very much against breast cancer and aim to raise money for the pioneering charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer. They’re doing this through the sheer power of their lovely clothing and trinkets which are being sold in Marks & Spencer, Top Shop, River Island, Laura Ashley etc, with each product carrying a 30% donation to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. The range  - which includes everything from bikinis to beach towels to dresses to bracelets – was launched on 22 April and women who would like to contribute to this worthy cause, while being sweetly stylish with it, are advised to give it the once over. 

Seek: fashiontargetsbreastcancer.org.uk