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axlrosebook.jpg Your Sincerely, Axl Rose

Steven Storrie, Weasel Press

Steven Storrie has won praise for his previous collections of poetry, which offer up snapshots of modern day life with all its attendant disappointments and dreams that gurgle down the drain. His latest volume is in a similar vein and it, once again, sees him turning his gaze on the United States. The fakeness of Hollywood Boulevard gets skewered; he receives a disapproving glare from Donald Duck in Disneyland; and abandoned malls provoke poignant feelings (“The mall / Like youth itself / Succumbs to the passing of time”). The philosophising is strictly of a barroom nature and I was a bit uncomfortable with some of the sexual politics (university “girls” are lusted over in ‘Pulling The Hook From My Mouth’; “I still think hippy chicks are easy” he opines in ‘Hate Ashbury’; and we also got a four-liner entitled ‘The Easiness of California Girls’), but its an evocative collection of poems that balances wistfulness with a telling-it-like-it-is ardour.