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Music Editorial

worldofiggy.jpg Local: World of Iggy

I know what you’re thinking: Isn’t that the much-lauded bunch of rhyming gobshites JaZZ RiOT? Well, yes and no. Yes, it is them, but they’ve also got a mutant side project dedicated to Iggy Pop. So it’s them too.

If you’re not au fait with JaZZ RiOT then you should know that they are the region’s premiere spoken word act who stand against everything that the likes of the Daily Mail stand for. Over a musical backdrop lead ranter Ettrick Scott gives state of the nation addresses that tackle everything from politics to the particular genius of dry shampoo. They have the ability to really hold a room rapt when they perform live and are much in demand around the region, so what gives with the Iggy Pop stuff? Ettrick Scott: “For years, people have commented on my physical and facial resemblance to Mr Pop, and it turns out our singing voices are also similar, so I thought we could cynically cash in on this by getting into the lucrative tribute band circuit. Plus, if you’re gonna pretend to be someone else for an hour or so, you’ll undoubtedly have the best fun if you’re pretending to be Iggy Pop.” The band – as World of Iggy – are making their debut appearance at Cluny 2 in September, appearing alongside themselves as JaZZ RiOT, at a gig that also features the dark whimsy of St James Infirmary and the frenetic chainsaw-pop of Bugman. Now that’s what I call music.

World of Iggy/JaZZ RiOT + St James Infirmary + Bugman, Friday 21 September, Cluny 2, Ouseburn, Newcastle, 8pm, £6. thecluny.com