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Music Editorial

kahunalocal18.jpg Local: Kahuna

This smiley looking five-piece are Kahuna and their frothy debut single, Throw, suggests that they have plenty to smile about (ie it’s really good).

2018 has featured the hottest summer that I can remember and these balmy days and nights have had me eschewing my usual diet of drill and trap EDM for something altogether more frothy and life-affirming: ska, for instance. So the debut single from Newcastle band Kahuna, Throw (released in July), caught me at exactly the right time. It’s a super-exuberant, knees-up of a song, with a rocksteady middle-eight, and resplendent with the kind of brass-workout that will have you skanking in the direction of the nearest dancefloor (in my case, the kitchen). According to their press release they have an “unrelenting DIY punk rock ethos” which is all well and good, but that wouldn’t mean a thing if they couldn’t slap those infectious rhythms down on the counter, but, judging by their debut release, they appear to have those in spades. They made their live debut in 2017 and have already headlined The Cluny and The Head of Steam. Looking ahead I note that they’re playing the lovely Surf Café in Tynemouth on 27 October, but keep checking their Facebook page for further live updates.

Seek: facebook.com/wearekahuna; soundcloud.com/wearekahuna