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Who’d make art in a house like this?

A house in the Arthur’s Hill area of Newcastle is playing host to Bobby Baker’s Great & Tiny War, which is commemorating World War 1. File this one under “Gonna be amazing”.

It’s true! Co-produced by Wunderbar and Daily Life Ltd, and commissioned by 14-18 NOW (the UK’s arts programme for the First World War centenary), a house in Arthur’s Hill will host this ingenious installation. It’s the work of Bobby Baker (pictured) who narrates a recorded audio guided tour of the artwork, which is a multi-media piece inspired by real stories, passed down through her family. Guests will be met with an uncommon experience as the house contents juxtapose the spectacular – a spectral heroine, a baked armoury, 4, 701 reimagined dinners – with the everyday. The installation shines a light on the role of women during wartime and the impact of conflicts, historical and contemporary, on the mental health of whole families through the generations. In doing so, Baker celebrates the women who carry on running houses, bringing up children, and keeping families together at the most harrowing of times. Not an artwork to see; an artwork to experience.

Bobby Baker’s Great & Tiny War, 7 September-9 November, 133 Sidney Grove, Arthur’s Hill, Newcastle, NE4 5PE. Tickets available from the Wunderbar website: wunderbar.org.uk/greattinywar  

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