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Clubs Editorial

boilershopdisco18.jpg Lordy! Imagine being among this lot!

The UK’s most exciting disco party La Discothèque is turning two this year and they’re celebrating by holding a mini-tour, which – confetti guns at the ready – is coming to Boiler Shop in Newcastle.

There’s nothing better in the world than music and there’s no better music than disco, ergo: La Discothèque is pretty much the best thing ever invented. They knock out an eclectic blend of old and new, and pretty much all of their beats are of the let’s-hit-the-dancefloor-NOW variety. And for their second birthday romp they’ve got the kind of line-up that’ll make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and go “Woo! Woo! Woo!” Think: Greg Wilson, Nicky Siano, Will Tramp and more. According to their press release: “La Discothèque is a glittering, award-winning disco carnival that’s filled to the brim with confetti, feathers, butts, boobs, sparkle, secret toilet sets, stilt-walkers, pink flamingos, gorgeous dancers and guaranteed feel good tunes.” A couple of points: Butts? It’s “Bums! Bums! Bums!” We’re not Americans! And secret toilet sets? I first read that as “secret toilet seats”, which would have been a whole new level of WTF?, but secret toilet SETS! Oh, man! I am so there, dude.

La Discothèque: Greg Wilson + Nicky Siano + Will Tramp!, Saturday 13 October, Boiler Shop, 20 South Street, Newcastle, 9pm-3am, £21. boilershop.net