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The cuts imposed on the country by the Conservatives and the Lib Dems during the ConDem coalition have damaged the country fundamentally. Since then we've been persuaded that this was just a natural extension of good fiscal responsibility. That because various people in the financial service industries caused the crash we all had to do our bit to help. The mantra/lie: we are in this together. So rather than punishing (or taxing, or fining) the people responsible, public services would bear the brunt instead, which just so happened to tie in with the fact that the Nasty Party, and the opportunistic Lib Dems, didn't like the 'nanny state' or the helping hand that cost little but blunted some of the worst effects of the cuts. Fast forward to 2018 and the cuts have now been magicked away by the current Tory government without any reference to the damage they did and how they affected all kinds of care and support provided by breakfast clubs, Sure Start, youth clubs and drug services, many of which have now closed. It's no surprise that schools and the NHS have been under pressure in the last few years as, to my mind, these were some of the places that were left to sort out the chaos those cuts and closures left behind. The Tory education secretary, Damian Hinds(as reported in The Guardian recently) argued that schools were on a par with the NHS as a “special case” for extra government spending. Special case? With no context about how or why the NHS and schools are special cases this sleight of hand passed without comment. No mention of why these two services may have had to cope with the after effects of the cuts, or the wider fallout as various safety nets were completely removed due to the withdrawal of funding or, using current political speak, ‘funding that was better targeted’ - normally with no proof that this was actually the case. One public service not mentioned as a ‘special case’ are the local councils who are coping with government funding cuts that have never stopped. It’s no surprise that Adult’s and Children’s services aren’t coping (ie they’re overspending) as they deal with some of the most vulnerable people who have been hit hardest over the last ten years. And although councils have a statutory duty to accommodate and look after vulnerable old and young people they will never be a ‘special case’ because The Nasty Party don’t like councils. They don’t like the fact that the state rather than private companies are involved in providing this support. It’s too socialistic, stinks too much of the welfare state as created by The Labour Party post 1945. Therefore ‘special cases’ will be allowed to float and anyone or anything deemed unworthy of being a ‘special case’ will sink because of this heartless government’s mean ideological streak. Ever get the feeling you’re being cheated?