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Our Crack Little Crack

patsy.jpg Yesterday morning at 10am,

Little Crack was driving along Newcastle’s ‘Diamond Strip’ with a friend. We passed a pair of girls looking somewhat the worse for wear, wearing tight, gaudily coloured dresses, killer heels and massive, fluorescent hair. They were staggering a bit – their shoes were probably biting their feet after their all-nighter – and they were giggling. We thought they looked fucking excellent. Our friend said: “Look at the state of that. Are they going out or going home? Not sure which would be worse.” Nursing a small hangover of our own at the time, we just took another sip of low-sugar Ribena and stared miserably out of the window. But, what’s wrong with being young and female and having fun? Would you rather they wore twinsets and remained sexless and prim until they get married, whereupon they should become sexless, prim and baby-obsessed? You big unwitting, unthinking misogynist. That’s what we should have said.