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Music Editorial

callumpittlocal18.jpg Local: Callum Pitt

Can you, in all honesty, have enough Callum Pitt? The answer to that, my friends, is a big fat no.

I don’t think I’d be putting too many noses out of joint if I spouted that Callum Pitt is one of the finest singer/songwriters currently plying his trade in the north-east. This Newcastle lad always seems to hit every sweet spot going and that was never more the case than with his latest single Away From The Rousing Parades, which came out in July. It begins in a folky, finger-picking style, his voice exuding warmth and longing (“You’re like some distant murmur that carries me further away from the rousing parades”), but then the band kick in with a driving, Fleet Foxes-like melody and we’re really off. Now Pitt is wearing his metaphorical Americana hat at an increasingly jaunty angle as the band find the wherewithal to go up yet another gear again. Lyrically, he manages to straddle the abstract with the poetic and pulls off the trick of making it all make perfect sense because his words are married to such a gorgeous melody. He’s currently at work writing and recording a host of new tracks at Blank Studio with the aim of releasing an EP later this year. My breath=baited.

Seek: callumpittmusic.co.uk