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Music Editorial

kathrynlowdonmusic.jpg And now, music lessons…

Kathryn Lowdon is a well-known vocal coach in the region – helping countless singers to improve their technique – but she has recently set up a music school in Newcastle city centre to aid budding musicians, too.

I love singing, but my singing voice is just wrong. The last time I attempted karaoke the kindest comment I had was: “You sounded like someone trapped down a well”. But if anyone could give me hope then it’s Kathryn Lowdon who has received all sorts of praise from people working in the biz and people just singing for the sheer joy of it, both young and old. And now it’s not just people who want to improve their vocals that she’s helping out, but anyone who wants to learn to play an instrument, from total beginners to musicians who want to raise their game. From guitars to keyboards, saxophones to clarinets, drums to trumpets, her new music school can help you out. The lessons are all on a one to one basis and are carried out by professional musicians and teachers who trained at Sage Gateshead. The rates are £100 for five 30-minute lessons, or £150 for five 45-minute lessons, and you can find out more by contacting Kathryn through the email address below or by giving her a ring. (You can also visit her website for a lot more information on the music school and her vocal studio.)

Kathryn Lowdon Vocal Studio & Music School, Breeze Creatives, Bamburgh House, Market Street, Newcastle; klvs.co.uk; 07794 040802; katlowdon@hotmail.com