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swirlbook.jpg Swirl: Overcoming Overthinking

Andy Walton & Gina Yu

Swirl is a short – I’m talking 24 pages – booklet designed, according to the blurb at the back, by “award-winning creatives to provide straightforward wisdom from mental health professionals” and on their website as a way to explore “practised and positive ways of managing worry and rumination”. I’m a worrier so it’s right up my street. Everything is broken down into very easily manageable chunks – including ‘Recognise’, ‘Label’, ‘Decide’, ‘Let Go’ etc – and then there are a few paragraphs of advice in each section. You can read the whole thing in about 10 minutes, but, to me, that’s no bad thing, as many of these sorts of books can overwhelm you with jargon and the sheer amount of text. It’s a beautifully produced volume (with illustrations from Nate Kitch – an award-winning illustrator), but, as ever with these things, the proof is in the pudding and I’m putting into practise some of the recommendations it proposes even as I type. You can find out more about this north-east project at: swirlzine.com