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Music Editorial

squarms18.jpg Local Scene: Squarms

Squarms are an electronic duo from Newcastle and, presumably, this is 50% of them.

There’s a lovely little bit in the press release for Squarms’ official debut single, Peace Lover, in which they state: “We make pop music – we think?” It’s as if theydon’t really know what they’ve got on their hands. But this is undoubtedly pop music, if you acknowledge the fact that pop music can embrace many different strands from The Beach Boys to The Vengaboys. And it’s pretty sublime stuff, lightly dubby, spilling electronic wonderments hither and thither, and with a low-slung melody that spirals its way directly into your heart. The overall vibe – and it’s very big on that vibe thing – is super sweet and I was sold on the first listen. The pair are LYDN and WRST, from Newcastle’s Real Sesh artist collective, and here they’ve moved away from their more experimental solo productions for this collaboration. But make no mistake, it’s the hardest thing in the world to make truly memorable pop music (anyone can twiddle a few knobs, chuck in some ‘found sounds’ and shout “Ethereal soundscape! Ta-da!”) and I commend Squarms for chancing their arm with this beguiling release. More please.

Seek: facebook.com/SQUARMS; soundcloud.com/SQUARMS