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At the end of April 2018, 62 people in England had been stabbed to death. 36 of these killings had taken place in London. And yet the current Tory government seem unwilling to change their approach to knife crime. An approach which seems to rely on the old Tory mantra of being hard on criminals, meanwhile being soft on crime prevention (which costs cold hard cash). Cash, which, at the moment, is being held back for the day when Britain plunges into Brexit and the economy goes around the u-bend. On another day you may even say it has nothing to do with cash. And, I may agree with you, especially if you said the Tories have no humanity and wouldn't care about the issue even if the victims were white public school kids from the Home Counties. So it hardly seems worth saying that there are organisations who say they are willing to take the bottom up approach to knife crime and make it work. Agencies with a proven record like Glasgow’s Violence Reduction Unit. Set up in 2005 at a time when Glasgow was Western Europe’s murder capital, in a decade the VRU helped halve the murder rate with similar drops recorded for attempted murder, serious assault and possession of an offensive weapon. Could the VRU approach to knife crime work in London and other cities in the UK? Maybe, but there are no resources available (according to The Nasty Party). No money, no extra police and, maybe more importantly, no political will by the current Tory nasties who seem determined to arrest their way out of the problem, leaving the culture that sustains knife crime untouched.

As previously mentioned this is par for the course for a government dominated by people who like to be tough on crime because it ties in with their eat or be eaten ideological stance. And, of course, by people who like to be tough on ‘immigration’ (cue the current Windrush scandal and the Tory government’s ongoing institutional racism). Or like to be tough on NHS ‘mismanagement’ (cue all the current problems besetting the NHS due to the inadequacy of funding).

This lot are inhumane. They don’t care. And as the recent local elections confirmed UKIP voters have gone back to their natural home in the Nasty Party, the result of which has hardened the political and cultural divide even further. On one side ‘us’. On the other a bunch of people who couldn’t care less about Windrush, Grenfell, Kyoto or Syria. The kind of people who would have ratted on Anne Frank if she’d been living in your attic. The kind of bigots and curtain twitchers who vote Tory year after year without wondering why there are food banks, why the NHS is in crisis, why schools are short of funding and why their own kids will never be able to afford to buy a house.