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amilliondrops.jpg A Million Drops

Victor del Arbol (translated from Spanish by Lisa Dilman), Other Press

This lengthy literary thriller is a real epic, which begins in Barcelona circa 2002 with Gonzalo Gil, a going-through-the-motions lawyer disaffected with both his professional and personal life. He is shaken out of his toper when he discovers that his sister, who he has been estranged from for a number of years, has committed suicide in the most traumatic of circumstances. Compelled to try and piece together what exactly happened with her life, he is drawn into a tangled web that stretches back into his family’s past, while in the present he finds that his investigations have thrown up multiple threats. The grand narrative switches between 21stcentury Barcelona and 1930s Russia, with its attendant Stalinist horrors, with lengthy detours to the Spanish Civil War, World War II and Franco’s Spain. It’s a darkly rich panoply which the author populates with vivid and memorable characters whose moral compasses spin as wildly as the world events that batter them. A novel to really get your teeth into.