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talesfromtheleak.jpg Tales from the Leaking Boot

Matt Black, Iron Press

Matt Black is a former Derbyshire Poet Laureate and while performing at the Cheltenham Literature Festival a few years back he got into conversation with Thom the World Poet, Aussie by birth, but now a long time resident of Texas. Thom invited Matt over to some Open Mic nights in the United States and while he was there he wrote some haikus in order to present to the audience the “strange, contradictory world that is Texas”. He enjoyed the process so much that he marked trips to Germany, Turkey and Cleethorpes in a similar manner, and these travelogue vignettes make up this very fine collection that has been handsomely put together by local publisher Iron Press. And while haikus are often used to twang our poignancy strings, Matt wields them here in a humorous and satirical way, while showing us a series of snapshots containing real truths: “Fast food, freedom dreams, / police in schools, prom queens - / God Bless America”.