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Music Editorial

thepalpslocal.jpg The Palps

Almost imperceptibly, Newcastle four-piece The Palps seem to have ensnared my heart. So now you know.

I had the good sense to make The Palps’ latest release Aleida, our Single of the Month in the May issue, and then thought: Do you know what? Let’s have a closer look at them. And what a fine looking bunch they are, with nary a clunker among them to hide behind a speaker stack. And they sound particularly fine, too. Aleida– a tribute to Aleida March, Che Guevara’s wife – is a 10 minute+ progressive folk epic that turns every one of those minutes into something vital, tender and cherishable. Elsewhere, with their other stuff, they appear to have located a sweet spot I didn’t know previously existed, situated somewhere between Steely Dan and Steeleye Span (and, boy, I’ve waited years to use that analogy). Because, make no mistake about it, they have the kind of folky purity that the Span exude, but they also have the experimental rocking detours of the Dan (or Radiohead – but, hey, I’m not passing up the chance to bracket Steeleye Span and Steely Dan together).  They’re playing down in Liverpool in June if you happen to be passing (only their third ever gig!), but keep checking their Facebook do-dah for gigs closer to home.

Seek: facebook.com/thepalps; thepalps.bandcamp.com