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threebluebeans.jpg Three Blue Beans in a Blue Bladder: Another Year in Haiku

Hamish Ironside, IRON Press

In 2005 Hamish Ironside wrote one haiku a day throughout the year and the best of them were collected in Our Sweet Little Time, which was published to much acclaim in 2009. This is a follow-up of sorts and he’s used the most concentrated form of poetry to wring yet more surprising emotions from everyday life. The best practitioners of this art can conjure up whole worlds from a mere handful of syllables and that is very much the case in this superb collection. “a virus shows me / the cracks in reality, / the vast world beyond”. He also use striking imagery that will have often readers doing a double-take: “dentist’s garden - / among pebbles and wild flowers, / a discarded bra”. The brevity of these pieces also adds an extra poignancy which occasionally dovetails perfectly with the subject matter: “shorten the stalks / so they can live longer / a dying friend said”. A moving and incredibly startling volume. JL