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Music Editorial

yadayadayadas18.jpg Local: The Yada Yada Yadas

I think it’s safe to say that Durham’s The Yada Yada Yadas are in the pink.

 I can’t resist a band that sport a moniker inspired by the US sitcom Seinfeld (see season 8, episode 19 entitled The Yada Yada). It’s a term that loosely means “and so on, and so forth”. The British equivalent would be “blah blah blah”, but there’s certainly nothing blah blah blah about The Yada Yada Yadas, as their focused indie-pop succeeds in ringing all of my bells. Case in point is their very excellent new single Seven Years, which has a happy/wistful yearning quality to it, with its big-hearted melody being wrapped up in the kind of fuzzy warmth that is guaranteed to get you through. Released by Silent Kid Records on 4 May, it’s the follow up to Woke Up Strange, another belter that justified all the comparisons to the band’s US influences such as Pavement, Dinosaur Jr and that lot. The estimable Steve Lamacq is already on board with them and it’s high time you were too. You can catch them playing the Music Box Festival in Darlington on 3 June and Evolution Emerging in Newcastle on 9 June (see pages 18 and 19 for more on this).

Seek: facebook.com/yadayadayadas