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Music Editorial

stickypearls18.jpg Local: Sticky Pearls

If you squint, only just slightly, then you should be able to make out Sticky Pearls in this picture. They’ve got a new album out that I can safely say will be beguile and delight.

I didn’t listen to Forever and Nowhere– the new album from Teesside duo Sticky Pearls over the long Easter weekend – I lived inside it. And what a gothic mansion it is! Grandiose, full of stimulating nooks and crannies, and drenched in the kind of atmospherics that would send Emily Bronte into a swoon. If you’re looking for a description that is a bit more pigeonholey, then I’d probably start lobbing expressions around like “haunted shoegaze” and “frazzled ethereal” and “witchy psych” but it really is a hard beast to pin down as there is plenty of invention and unexpected twists on each track. The band consist of Sarah Parilla who handles – rather fabulously – all of the vocals and Graeme Wilkinson who is responsible – rather fabulously – for everything else. You’ll not find any “sound of the summer” type tracks on the album - not unless you’re spending your summer drifting diaphanously-clad through Transylvanian forests at midnight - but if you’re after something pale and undeniably interesting then roll up, roll up.

Seek: facebook.com/stickypearls