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Our Crack Little Crack

smug.jpg A friend of Little Crack’s recently

put a name to something that has been niggling us like a limb’s worth of psoriasis of for quite some time. That something is the growing incidence of monumental self-satisfaction that is taking over social media. Our friend blames it on the ‘smug filter.’ This is how it works. You have a simple status update or post you’d like to share, for example “Been to Morrison’s. Got sausages for our tea.” You pop it through the smug filter and it becomes “Hand-reared pork sausages with roast fennel and mustard seed mash shared with bffs Welsh Andy and Floella Bumflick. Nom nom nom. #Lovingmylife. #catthatgotthecream #self-awarenessofasieve.” What we want is for everyone to apply a little caution.

Check and double check. Is your status smug?