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Hey! Nasty Women art comp!

The Nasty Women movement have launched The Nasty Women International Art Prize with the aim of recognising and rewarding Nastiness in art and activism. (Check their website, below, if you’re still not sure how to be “Nasty”…)

Take it away Lady Kitt, chair of the judging panel (some of which are pictured above), and co-founder of Nasty Women North East: “Last year hundreds of artists from all over the world gave their time and work to Nasty Women events and it’s estimated that the movement has raised a million dollars for Planned Parenthood and other women’s and LGBTQ+ charities. This year Nasty Women wanted to create an opportunity to celebrate those artists and an art prize seemed like it would fit the bill perfectly. A collaboration between groups in New York, Amsterdam, London and Portugal, it’s being co-ordinated by Nasty Women North East, so we would LOVE to see lots of north-east based artists entering and being showcased. And as we want to celebrated ALL Nasty Artists (not just the winners) we are holding an exhibition in Newcastle on 21 June at PRAXIS Gallery, for the first round of judging, which will show the work of every single artist who enters.”

Prizes include an artist residency, money and opportunities to show work in the UK, USA and Holland. Get to it!   Anyone interested should take themselves off to nastywomenartprize.com (submissions close 30 April).