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Our Crack Little Crack

sunderland_fans.jpg How do they do it? Football people.

Or, ‘football fanatics’ to give them their official name. They start a conversation in the middle with no preamble, yet they all know what’s going on.

Two colleagues this morning, no hello, nothing, just:

“You’ve got a top guy there like.”

“Yeah, I was shitting myself on Saturday night.”

Little Crack’s mind races, stumbling to find some feasible context. What does this mean? Should we be able to input in some way here? Is this a work-related conversation that requires us to have done something?

“McClaren, Hughes or Ferbishman, and I was going to write a letter of complaint.”

McClaren? Race cars? Driving race cars. Or some sort of weekend-based recruitment drive? A date with a ‘top guy’? Gradually, the fog clears sufficiently for us to decipher one word and nothing else. The word is Football. Also confusing on the first day back at work after a bank holiday during which the clocks went back: What day is it? What time is it? Who knows?