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righteous18.jpg Righteous: An IQ Novel

Joe Ide, Weidenfeld & Nicolson

IQ is Isaiah Quintabe, a twenty-something problem solver/investigator from South Central LA, who first came to light in the novel IQ, which saw him embroiled in a hip-hop brouhaha along with sidekick Dodson. It played out like a Grand Theft Auto take on Holmes and Watson and this new novel pretty much takes up where that one left off. And as in the original novel the author has once again hit us up with a duel narrative split over two time frames. In one, IQ is trying to figure out who killed his beloved brother, Marcus, in an apparent hit and run eight years previously, and in the other, he and Dodson have to take themselves off to Las Vegas when they must deal with people trafficking Triads, assorted gambling addicts and low-life loan sharks. Also in the mix are sundry street gangs and a couple of Rwandans operating outside the law. It’s a heady brew but Joe Ide manages to keep his foot on the gas throughout with a Day-Glo milieu that is the perfect playground for pulpy thrills.