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womaninthe18.jpg The Woman in the Window

AJ Finn, HarperCollins

38 year-old Anna Fox lives alone in her house in New York City. She is estranged from her family and her agoraphobia has made her something of a recluse. She spends her days getting through countless glasses of merlot, visiting online chat rooms – where she offers support to fellow sufferers and finds time to play a bit of chess – and watching DVDs of her favourite films which include classic film noirs and plenty of Hitchcock. Indeed Hitchcock is the unashamed touchstone for this well paced thriller, with Anna checking out her neighbours Rear Window style. And when she hears a scream coming from one of the houses opposite one day, she is convinced that something fishy is afoot. It’s a very deft remix of the Master of Suspense’s themes, also bringing in elements of The Lady Vanishes and Vertigo, and in Anna Fox we have a narrator who may, or may not, be unreliable, but is definitely worth rooting for. Gripping stuff. (Oh – and the author/publishers can have a bonus point for not calling this The Girl in the Window.)