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Film Editorial

lieswetell.jpg Lies We Tell

Director: Mitu Misra

Stars: Gabriel Byrne, Sibylla Deen, Mark Addy, Jan Uddin, Harvey Keitel

This charmless Bradford-set crime thriller aspires to Get Carter status but is almost comically inept in its execution. Following the disappearance of philanthropist multi-millionaire Demi (Keitel, who despite the billing, is barely in this five minutes), his driver and assistant Donald (Byrne) is charged with clearing his house. Part of this task involves eradiating any trace of his Muslim mistress Amber (Deen). As he has thrown her out, their initial dealings are terse. Nevertheless a friendship slowly develops, with Amber and her younger sister spending time at the farm where Donald lives with his bluff but amiable brother Billy (Addy). But Amber’s dark past, in particular her marriage to her devout gangster husband, returns to haunt her, putting Donald and his family in danger. This is pretty much a failure in every department; the performances are poor, the plotting and chronology inconsistent, at times incoherent, and the score overbearing. These various intrigues play out against various tourist board-approved Leeds landmarks, but the supporting characters who populate the city are less than picturesque; the Muslim characters are hypocritical zealots or gangsters or both, while the white characters aggressive and feral.