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Music Editorial

twisthelix18.jpg Let’s Twist Helix again

Newcastle alt-poppers Twist Helix have a fizzy new single out in February and they’re launching it with a gig featuring other bands who also pulse with a strong electronic heart. Bunting up!

I love the sleeve of Twist Helix’s new single, Ouseburn, which features the band gazing up at Byker Bridge. It looks for all the world like a scene from Day of the Triffids, with the whole area being reclaimed by nature. It appear post-apocalyptic but it’s actually thrumming with life, rather like the single itself, which is a poppy groover, a la New Order at their up and at ‘em best. It’s the lead track from their forthcoming album (also called Ouseburn) and celebrates the spirit of the area, with references to sundry landmarks, local bands and graffiti tags.

They’re launching the single with a special gig at the Cumberland Arms that will also feature performances from The Black Sheep Frederick Dickens (think: Dickensian darkwave), Mausoleums (think: brooding witch house) and Lost On Me (think: drum toting post-punks). It’s the kind of line-up that should have go-getting gig-goers doing a conga of delight right across Ouseburn, directly to the Cumberland’s front door.

Twist Helix + The Black Sheep Frederick Dickens + Mausoleums + Lost On Me, Friday 9 February, The Cumberland Arms, Ouseburn, Newcastle, 7.30pm, £3 adv/£5 door. https://www.seetickets.com/event/twist-helix-ouseburn-single-launch/the-cumberland-arms/1189483