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housebook.jpg The House

Simon Lelic, Penguin

This thriller – which has just come out in paperback – is about a young London couple, Jack and Syd, who move into what seems like their dream home. They’ve got bags of space, it’s in the perfect location and, somewhat mysteriously, they managed to get it at a price they could afford. The previous owner, however, left in something of a hurry and has left a load of his old stuff behind, including something rather grizzly in the attic. When someone gets murdered outside the back door, Jack and Syd fear that the wheels are well and truly coming off. It’s all very unbelievable (first time buyers with not much money managing to pick up an affordable, detached house in London – yeah, right) but you could overlook this if the novel was any good, but this is a bit of a stinker. The prose is clunky, the twists laboured, and any tension the author tries to build is dissipated through a limp plot that drag throughout. This House needs boarding up.