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Music Editorial

thepalewhite18.jpg Local: The Pale White

Newcastle’s The Pale White certainly look the part (see pic) but can they back it up with a bunch of rollicking, knock-yer-socks-off, songs? (Clue: Yes they can.)

I’m always pestering the editor to get more local bands and artists on the cover and he’s relented this month because I’ve been pulling puppy dog, please-put-The-Pale-White-on-this-month’s-front-cover faces around his desk (I think you’ll find that we had Teesside’s Amelia Coburn on the cover LAST MONTH – ed.). My pleading was down to the fact that The Pale White have certainly got something and that something is the kind of fizzy melodic indie rock that makes you fall in love with fizzy melodic indie rock all over again. I first thought “Ooh! Hello!” when I caught wind of their 2016 single That Dress, which had a chugging, glam quality to it, and then they upped the ante in 2017 with a couple of fine single culminating in the rather fabulous The Pale White EP, which features four tracks of derring-do with their soaring melodies pushed very much to the fore. The highlight is probably Downer, which is anything but, as it features massive hooks, a mosh-pit friendly chorus and the line “Last chance, I meet you in Gotham,” which I believe refers to the Gotham Town pub near Newcastle’s Central Station. 2018 looks like it’s going to be a biggie for the band and you can get on board early when they play Riverside at the back end of January.

The Pale White, Saturday 27 January, Riverside, Neptune House, 1 The Close, Newcastle, 7pm, £8. facebook.com/thepalewhite