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Music Editorial

ditto18.jpg Local: Ditto

Send us a high-res image of the band, we said, and this is what we got. Hey, it works for me.

Ditto are a two-piece from Durham featuring Dan Beckmann and Aaron Morris (I’m not sure which one is blue and which one is yellow) and they have come to my attention through their excellent new single Modern Day Essentials. Aaron tells us: “Ditto is a mash of electric flair, loop pedal madness and erratic drumming. This eclectic collection of sounds was put together when Dan Beckmann and Aaron Morris, two Durham University students, found themselves with too much time on their hands and decided to gig around the city, improvising their set every night. Modern Day Essentials, the band’s debut single, is a chilled out song with musical intricacy aplenty, topped with hints of pretentiousness and full of love.” I’m not sure about the pretentiousness, but it is very excellent, featuring some of the musical tapestry of Public Service Broadcasting, but with more of the sweetness of Lemon Jelly. And it bubbles up very nicely too, introducing some Morrissey-esque vocals around the halfway mark. I like ‘em already.

Seek: soundcloud.com/aarontomos