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Film Editorial

thedisasterartist.jpg The Disaster Artist

Director: James Franco

Stars: James Franco, Dave Franco, Alison Brie

Based on the memoir by actor Greg Sestero, this wildly entertaining and strangely affecting picture recreates the shambolic making of the surreally inept cult picture The Room, the dismal drama devised by the visionary, dogged, but talent-free writer-director-star Tommy Wiseau. Greg (Dave Franco) first encounters Wiseau (James Franco), who resembles a dandyish heavy metal roadie and speaks in no fixed accent, at an acting class where Wiseau literally climbs the wall playing a scene from A Streetcar Named Desire. An unlikely friendship follows, and later the wildly eccentric and enigmatic Wiseau, who has access to a seemingly bottomless well of money, invites Greg to Los Angeles to live in his spare apartment. When his acting career fails to take off, Wiseau decides to finance, direct and star in his own film, The Room, with Greg the co-star. A chaotic shoot follows fuelled by Wiseau’s unorthodox directorial choices and sudden mood swings.

While not as considered and thematically rich as Tim Burton’s great Ed Wood, with the constant cameos proving more distracting than amusing, director Franco strikes the ideal balance between affection, pathos and mockery, while turning in a fearlessly committed and vanity-free performance as Wiseau. And fans of The Room will love the recreations of classic scenes and the convoluted events that led up to them.