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takingbackunderground.jpg Taking Back The Underground

Steven Storrie, Weasel Press

This is the second collection of poems from Steven Storrie (Middlesbrough born, now based in Newcastle) and it’s as hard hitting as the chap on the front cover who is clad in a balaclava and waving a pistol around. Storrie concerns himself with the flotsam and jetsam of both popular culture and the messiness of our everyday emotional lives, and does so with an unflinching eye. The trash junk of advertisements smoosh together with a lover’s touch in Japanese Adverts; while the supposed individualism of outsider youth cults is skewered in Grunge Style Essentials. Also taking a kicking is the servility of the general populace in I Laughed When Diana’s Car Crashed and walk on parts are found for everyone from Dennis Leary to Kim Kardashain (he’s not a fan) to Charles Bukowski.  Indeed much of his worldview – which has a distinct seen from the bottom of a Guinness glass feel – has a Bukowski-esque ring to it, as it’s often scuzzy, succinct, sexy-dirty and rings true more often than not.