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Music Editorial

tomorrowislost17.jpg Local: Tomorrow is Lost

I like what Tomorrow is Lost have done with their place. Exposed brickwork is so hot right now. And I’ll tell you what else is hot: their huge licks.

This Newcastle based five-piece have built up something of a local following this year, particularly among the classic-rock-as-it-used-to-sound community, and they slapped down a real calling card of intent when they unveiled their cover of Sia’s Elastic Heart earlier this year which had all the power of a storm brewing. Their debut single proper, Insane, landed at the back end of October which showed off their song writing chops to a tee; as well as an ability to nail a significant amount of brooding; nail a solo that takes off into the stars; and nail those vocals that could stop a wolf pack. For make no mistake, in Cass King, they have a rock singer who really knows how to command your attention, pulling in all of the power of a Joan Jett or a Pat Benatar and unleashing it with enough oomph to power a town. The band only formed this year but they’ve already been picked up by BBC Introducing, and if you like rock that pays its dues to the classic 1980s sound, then it’s time you found Tomorrow is Lost.

Seek: musicglue.com/tomorrowislost