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Music Editorial

stburyan17.jpg Local: St. Buryan

This lot look like a nice bunch of lads, which gets a big gold star from me, but they get an even bigger gold star for their upbeat indie-pop that is realised to rather fabulous effect on new single ‘Forget To Love’.

St. Buryan are based in Newcastle and Sunderland and after a period of being split up geographically because of university commitments etc, they have reunited after something of a hiatus to really find their feet. And how. After a couple of singles that burnished their sunny, indie-pop sound, they’ve returned with a third which takes things up another notch again. Forget To Love is a ringingly confident release featuring chiming guitars, tumbling hooks and that all important bit where the guitars cut out to leave just vocals and drums (a requisite for rhythmic hands clapping above heads at gigs). A little bird tells me (i.e. their press release) that the single was self-produced and mixed by Darwin Smith, frontman with US indie band Darwin Deeze, and mastered by Pete Maher who has twiddled knobs previously for U2, The Rolling Stones and Lana Del Rey. Bringing in such know how has really paid off. They recently headlined shows at Independent in Sunderland and Jumpin’ Jacks in Newcastle but keep checking their Facebook page for news of further live dates.

Seek: facebook.com/stburyan