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halloweenttrump.jpg The bogeyman IS real

How can you convince children that the bogeyman is make-believe when they can actually see him right there on the news every night promising fire and fury?

I’ve always admired Americans' ability to take the spirit of Halloween – which has its roots in Celtic harvest festivals – and really slut it up. Case in point are their adults’ fancy dress costumes. Online you can buy a sexy Beetlejuice make-over, a sexy unicorn romper suit and a sexy nun’s “bad habit”. But they’ve really outdone themselves this year with a “Sexy Donald Trump” outfit that includes really short shorts, jacket, white shirt and red tie. (Apparently the wig and “Make America Great Again” cap are sold separately, which rather begs the question: what would you be without those two important signifiers? A sexy CEO?)

But the real horror show that is the Trump presidency is showing no signs of abating, particularly with his continuing and divisive rhetoric. Jaws may have hit the floor when we heard a sitting US President draw an equivalence between torch carrying white supremacists waving Swastika flags around while shouting “Jews will not replace us”, and the people who opposed them, but Trump knew exactly what he was doing.

But by stoking up his base in such a manner, he really is playing with fire. Look under the rocks of US right wing websites and you will uncover countless people who revere Trump with a near religious fervour, many of them boasting that they “easily outgun the liberals”. I’m sure it’s quite deliberate on his part and I can’t help feeling it’s all got something to do with his grand plan to shore up his standing against any future impeachment proceedings due to Russian links.

He seems to have no interest in his party – or the machinations of congress – instead choosing to stage rallies as though he was still fighting the election, purely, or so it would seem, so he can be fawned over by his followers who continue to chant bile about Hilary Clinton. He’s less a President and more a cult leader in the manner of David Koresh or Jim Jones.

And if the FBI do find that Trump and his team did collude with a hostile foreign power in order to help influence the outcome of the election, do you think that his supporters will accept this with good grace? This is a man who said before the election that he wouldn’t accept the result if he lost, and afterwards only conceded that Clinton won the popular vote - to the tune of nearly 3 million votes - because of fraud.

Of course, if he is booted out of office he will have no option but to pack his bags, but it’s his more unhinged fans – the racists, the Nazis, the take-to-the-hills survivalists that he has given so much succour to – that scare me. We’ve seen the heinous acts that hate preachers can inspire their followers to commit, but no one spouts quite as much hate as the Bogeyman on Capital Hill.