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Are you talking to me?

‘Dialogus’ at Vane gallery in October presents work by eleven artists that have been selected from this year’s issue of ‘Lungs’ magazine. Lungs magazine? Read on knowledge hounds…

Lungs, the magazine, actually grew out of the Lungs Project, a curatorial collective founded in 2016 by four MA graduates of the University of Sunderland. Names? We’re talking Angela Wingate-Burdon (photographer and curator), Marta Rubinato (curator), Rebecca Burdon (curator) and Sheyda Porter (sculptor and curator).

Their aim was to establish a trans-disciplinary platform to promote the work of artists who have maybe slipped down the back of the metaphorical settee, those square-pegs-round-holes types whose work is currently under-represented.

Another aim of the project was to facilitate artist development and network growth by merging visual arts, design, crafts and literature to create something of a dialogue between various disciplines, spreading their tentacles internationally with Newcastle and Sunderland serving as a centre for collaboration and exchange.

The magazine, Lungs, launched last September, selling around 200 copies, and the enthusiasm it received enabled it to become an annual publication. This year’s issue is particularly concerned with a curatorial model informed by French philosopher’s Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari’s Rhizome theory, which, a source tells me (Wikipedia) is what Deleuze calls “an ‘image of thought’, based on botanical rhizome, that apprehends multiplicities”. Yep, that old thing again.

The upshot is a “dialogical relationship between the pages of the magazine as well as artworks in the physical world”. The physical world in this case is Vane which will feature work by Molly Bythell (whose inelegant female nudes pull the rug from under the usual stereotypes - work pictured), Steven Lowery (whose rant strewn drawings on lined note paper resemble my doodles when I’ve been on the phone to Virgin Media for half an hour), as well as Emma Bennett, Mark Chapman, Callum Costello, Lauren Drummond, Joe Jefford, Liam McCabe, Amy Roberts, Matt Wilkinson and Zara Worth.

Issue two of Lungs – the Rhizome theory special – will also be available from the gallery.

Dialogus, Thursday 5-Saturday 21 October, Vane, First Floor, Commercial Union House, 39 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle. Open Wed-Sat, 12-5pm, free. vane.org.uk (More on the Lungs Project from: lungsproject.org)  

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