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iqbook.jpg IQ

Joe Ide, Orion Books

Isaiah Quintabe, the eponymous IQ of this debut novel, is a 20-something living at East Long Beach in LA. He’s a high school dropout, but the skills he has developed over time can’t be taught at any school: that of inductive reasoning, which he uses to help solve crimes that have slipped by the overworked LAPD. He’s a loner, but when a hip-hop star calls on his help after an apparent assassination attempt, a former flatmate of his, low-level drug dealer Juanell Dodson, is drawn back into his life to help with the case. The tale flik-flaks neatly between 2013, where the bulk of the story is set, and 2005, where the pair’s early relationship is nicely drawn, but this doesn’t cause any lag, the author keeping both sides of the story bubbling with plenty of high-octane action while also unleashing a string of colourful characters well versed in gangsta argot. The second novel in the series is due out early next year and it looks like in Isaiah and Dodson we have a Holmes and Watson for the Grand Theft Auto generation - you feel me? RM