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wiredthoughts.jpg Wired Thoughts

D. R. Dixon, Jennies Publishing

In the mini biog at the back of this rather strange book, it tells us that Den Dixon is not a motivational speaker, a professor, a therapist, or a counsellor. It also states: “To write, all you have to be able to do is write, so if you believe you have the ability, just let the pen hit the paper and see what happens.” And that appears to be advice that he has very much taken himself as this is not a novel, nor a memoir as such, but a collection of thoughts that seem to have just poured out of him. It’s also not a religious book (although he does thank god in the acknowledgments) but it is aimed at people who have lost their way and would like to hear from a friendly, empathetic voice. It’s arranged under a series of loose headings such as ‘Love, Sex and Death’ (“sex is great, but it isn’t everything”), ‘Illusions and Trickery’ and ‘Believe In You’ and while I didn’t get much from it, I’m glad that it exists and if you’re feeling lost then this fella might just have a few pointers for you.