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Music Editorial

cornshedsisters17.jpg Local: The Cornshed Sisters

Here are The Cornshed Sisters checking out what looks like a collection of 18th century iPads. Anyway: they’re back and they’re still brilliant.

The Cornshed Sisters are not just back. They. Are. BACK! It’s been a few years since their debut album was released to much chucking of confetti from this quarter, and, pleased to report, their second album – Honey and Tar – is really something to behold. It kicks off with their killer first single, The Message, which is a break-up song of sorts, but is strident in its own way, with a clockwork melody that calls to mind the pop intricacies of Field Music. And their poppy know-how pervades throughout, whether they are tackling swoonsome, swaying ballads, strummy folk tunes or even an Andrews Sisters style tune (Jobs For The Boys, which is one of the jauntiest feminist ditties that you’re ever likely to hear). Their glorious harmonies remain, of course, present and correct and they touch on all manner of subjects including motherhood, friendship and affairs of the heart with tenderness and good humour. The album is out on 3 November and they’ll no doubt be airing songs from it when they play Cluny 2 in Newcastle on Wednesday 1 November (8pm, £5). Welcome BACK!

Seek: facebook.com/thecornshedsisters