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Let’s Twisterella again

Teesside’s incredible daylong jamboree showcasing up and coming bands over five stages is back again in October. Get psyched for Twisterella.

With 40+ bands appearing at this year’s bash, NE fans are in for a real treat; a treat with hundreds and thousands sprinkled all over it. Among the bands I’m particularly keen on getting up close and personal with are the fabulous Dream Wife an outfit who harness riot grrrl derring-do and bolt it to killer buzz-saw new wave melodies for a quite glorious pell-mell attack that delivers in spades.

Other hotly tipped acts worth checking out this year are Neon Waltz (who knock out psych pop which exudes a warm, fuzzy glow), Bossy Love (the fabulously wonky pop this lot produce has made them one of the most talked about bands in Scotland – believe the hype), Kyko (London based singer/songwriter on the up and up), and Avalanche Party (the thrilling garage rock this bunch produce could loosen the bolts on a moving steam engine – pictured).

Other acts you can hang your hat on include Outlya, Skinny Girl Diet, The Jackobins, Jordan Allen, Cape Cub, and a whole bunch of people that we’ve included on our Local Scene page in the past including Jake Houlsby (FYI: fucking amazing), Soham De (FYI: fucking amazing) and Eve Conway (FYI: fucking amazing).

The venues will be Teesside University SU, The Townhouse, Westgarth Social Club, and TSone, and there will also be pop-up sessions in Sticky Fingers, Alchemy & Co, The Twisted Lip and more. Tickets are only £15, which, by my reckoning, works out at 37 ½ pence per band. Jump to it.

Twisterella, Saturday 7 October, various venues, Middlesbrough, £15. twisterella.co.uk