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Music Editorial

slurs.jpg Local: Slurs

This here is Slurs, a Newcastle band whose stock in trade is a jolly glorious kind of racket.

Let’s get the introductions out of the way first: say “Hi, how’s tricks?” to Mark Simpson (bass, vocals), Fintan Dawson (guitar, vocals) and Mike Smith (drums). This trio first hovered into view in 2015 with their spiky Northern Electric EP, which was all sharp-elbowed indie with a burnished melodic glow, and sounded like Blur’s Graham Coxon on a mission. They’ve followed it up with the recent Badmouth EP, which features six tracks of guitar-based indie attack. Ordinary Man is all itchy fuzz and chunky riffs while Terra Firma and Red Lines have all the drive and verve of early The Jam getting sweaty in their dad’s garage. Blakelaw has a wired charm – think Wedding Present – while Offshore slows things down a tad while they wade through some scuzz. Mmm! In September they’re due to play the Empty Shop in Durham (check their website, below, for date) while they’re back in Newcastle on Saturday 9 September where they, along with Chorusgirl and Swine Tax, are supporting the very excellent Baker Island who are launching their new album at the Mining Institute (7.30pm, £5).

Seek: slursband.com