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Our Crack Little Crack

jimmyandfrankie.jpg The Crack's Little Crack

Rape is hilarious isn’t it? All sorts of rape make people chuckle nowadays.  Vaginal rape, raping animals, being raped by animals and, of course, comedy gold, anal rape.

You might get anally raped in prison, or perhaps one of your fuckwit friends might get so drunk on a stag-do that he mistakes you for a woman (and let’s face it, who hasn’t thought about raping a woman?) and rapes you a bit. If you’re looking to ingratiate yourself with a group of strangers through the use of humour, one thing guaranteed to leave them with jaw ache, clutching their sides, is the rape of children. Always a winner. Little Crack wonders, if you’re someone who thinks rape is a bit of a chortle, maybe you could take this chance to stop for a moment and pull your sorry soul back from the brink. It’s never funny. It’s always offensive.