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Our Crack Little Crack

jodiewhittaker.jpg Forgive Little Crack

Forgive Little Crack, for Little Crack has sinned. After Jodie Whittaker was announced as the new Doctor Who on Sunday - even though I knew that I shouldn’t and it would taint my soul - I just couldn’t resist checking out the comments section of the Daily Mail’s website, because, as we all know, the Daily Mail, and all of their readers, really, really love women. “RIP Doctor, ruined by the PC brigade. What next, a Mexican Shaft?” was one comment. Another said: “Well that’s the end of an iconic show and the BBC needs the TV licence revoking now, they are pathetically political correct.” Someone else added: “Next step – making being male illegal”. In short: Hysteria! And hilarious! Me? I’ve only seen Whittaker in Broadchurch - where she played the grieving mother of a dead child and so had a face like a smacked arse for most of the time - but I cannot wait to see her in the role of the Doctor (as long as her companion isn’t a dead child). Now I’m off to petition the BBC into making a Mexican Shaft. I’d watch the hell out of that.