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Betty_&_Betts_Satchel.jpg Heavens to Betty & Betts! I’ll bag that!

Betty & Betts is the brainchild of two English women who met in Southern India at an egg race, and, like most chance meetings at Southern Indian egg races, the upshot was the kind of luxury leather fairtrade goods that are more family members than mere bags…

I’ve always been a stickler for knowing exactly what time it is, all of the time, but, because I can’t find a new watch that I like (my old one broke), I’ve been without one for about three months now. And do you know what? It’s kind of liberating. I feel more carefree and less bound by the anxiety that creeps over me when I’ve only got five minutes to get home before Pointless starts (I’ve got my Sky+ set to “Record Series” now - don’t fret). One thing I could never do without, however, is a decent bag. I spend more time with my bag than I do with my lover, and, between you and me, I get a lot more out of my bag if I’m being perfectly honest. Tissues for instance; and make-up; and Curly Wurlys. Anyway. These two women (not actually called Betty & Betts) met in India (and yes, it WAS during an egg race) and found that they were both bonkers for sustainability, beautiful products and fairtrade. Their website gives details of how their high-quality bags (and other accessories) are produced in India (with all suppliers registered to the World Fairtrade Organisation) including the marvellous specimen pictured here which is made from the finest buttery leather. Make one your new love.

Seek: bettyandbetts.com