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Music Editorial

bakerisland17.jpg Local: Baker Island

I fancy one of this bunch but it’s definitely not the one that you think it is. So, yes, they scrub up well, but can they also thrill with the quality of their tunes? (Clue: yes.)

I first got on board with Newcastle’s Baker Island a couple of years ago when they flung the curtain back on their rather exuberant Bobby Hundreds album, a release which was festooned with fuzzy riffs and whip-smart songs galore. They release their new album, Restless Legs, on 25 August, and, I’m pleased to report, it’s stuffed with more switchback ride tunes than even Bobby Hundreds could handle. Even slower tracks such as Gideon Soames manage to enthral, glinting with ideas and interesting bits of instrumentation which reveal themselves to you the more times you play them. And Baker Island are a band who really do appreciate the value of a well-judged pop hook and Restless Legs is simply overflowing with them. And anyone who can pen tunes called The Finance Middle Management Song (FYI: slight, but amazing), City Map of the Military Telegraph (FYI: airy, but amazing), and Sorry About Your Parents, Batman (FYI: daft, but amazing), are ok with me.

Seek: facebook.com/bakerislandband