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Music Editorial

greggenre17.jpg Local: Greg Genre

Greg Genre is a singer/songwriter from Newcastle who exudes more warmth than a 15 Tog duvet.

Greg Genre (what a name!) has all the accoutrements of a blues singer: voice – check; guitar – check; harmonica – check; but whereas a blues singer might drone on about waking up in the morning and reaching for the bottle because his mistress has ran off and left him with just his dying dog and an unpaid Netflix account, Greg walks a decidedly different path. Indeed, on Realigion he sings, “I get up early in the morning, I sing for peace and love for everyone and everything.” And yes, you did read that song title correctly: “You might call it religion, I call it Realigion, this is true living sharing peace and love.” He’s very much a glass half full kind of guy (“If your glass is half empty then fill it to the top”), and is also liable to add hip-hop elements to his songs with a lilting rap flow. At other times, such as when deploying piano on Crazy for Peace, he sounds like Nick Cave at his most contemplative, although, again, he eschews shadows to walk the sunnier side of the street: “No difference if it’s Friday or Monday, I’m crazy for peace.” He’s launching his new album on Friday 11 August at the lovely Arch 16 café in Gateshead, and proceeds raised from sales will be donated to Musicians Without Borders.

Seek: facebook.com/greggenremusic