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a002.jpg On your marks! Get Set!

Set? It’s a local clothing company whose streetwear is starting to attract admiring glances (i.e. orders) from around the world. 

I know a man who’s incredibly Street. He’s called Duggie, wanders around shopping centres drinking Tennent’s Super Strength, and has a wardrobe that consists mainly of dirty sweatshirts and fraying slippers. It’s not a good look to be honest. Local movers and shakers, Set, however, do have streetwear well worth a gander. They’re a company that were born from a need, and that need was for “multiple purpose streetwear”. Multiple purpose streetwear? If you’re thinking that sounds like a cool hat that can somehow, Transformers-like, also double up an atomic tea cosy, then you’d be wrong. You’d be right, however, if you think that the multi-purpose aspect of such clobber referred to the fact that it looks chic on everyone from skaters to fishermen. They sell a very covetable range of tops, hoodies, hats, caps, windbreakers etc, that, in a very short space of time, have seen them establish a successful webstore and collaborations with the likes of 5th Street Bakery and Ebbets Field Flannels. If they start selling Tennent’s Super Strength I might even persuade Duggie to have a look. 

Seek: setstore.co.uk