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Music Editorial

mausoleums17.jpg Local: Mausoleums

Say: “Hi! How’s it hanging?” to Mausoleums, a feisty two-piece who know the value of combustible electronica.

Mausoleums – to further those introductions – are Simeon Soden (synths/programming) and Elliot Reeves (vocals/synths) who, it says here, are influenced by 80s minimal wave, witch house and industrial. They’re not wrong, because all of that certainly comes over on their new EP INTO THE GYRE which was unleashed by Kaneda Records in June. It’s an intense but rewarding listen, with GYRE itself a real stand-out piece of work, featuring juddering beats jostling with stabbing top notes and distorted vocals that anguish over the environment (apparently ocean gyres are a vortex of currents caused by circulating winds, where the world’s oceans coalesce, with plastic, chemical waste and other floating debris drawn into the gyres creating huge concentrations of waste. Basically a subject not much touched upon by Mumford & Sons). Elsewhere they show that they know how to do dark and brooding synth pop, as well as full-on, Cyrstal Castles like, maximalism.

Seek: facebook.com/mausoleums