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Music Editorial

crimewave17.jpg Local: Crimewave

If you can just squint a bit then I’m sure you can make out Crimewave in this picture (it’s not his real name).

Crimewave is actually Jake Wilkinson who is based in Whitley Bay. I wonder if he gets out much because that sea air doesn’t seem to be filtering through into his latest EP, dislocation, which is a discordant, but thrilling, collection of five songs that are – MADE UP WORD ALERT! – clangingly good. He says he uses effects laden guitars to create a sound similar to that of 80s/90s shoegazers such as My Bloody Valentine and Jesus and Mary Chain, but couples it with contemporary danceable beats akin to Hudson Mohawke. I don’t know about this being danceable, but he’s nailed that crossover between frictional beats and spacey textures. He does kind of get a groove on of sorts, but your indie-disco would have to be pretty leftfield to let this stuff loose on their punters. My favourite track is i knew, which sounds like the theme tune to Get Carter as recorded by Aphex Twin.

Seek: facebook.com/crimewavecrimewave