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Queer Editorial

sexdoll.jpg Quiver

It’s been a grim old month for news…

The plan this month was to write about the murder and brutalisation of gay men in Chechnya. The news coming out about the camps and torture is almost too much to bear. Sadly, however, it mirrors all the less-reported and invisible stories of the horrors being endured, right now and all around the world, by LGBT people. And it’s been going on for years, for generations. But this morning I read, within five minutes of turning on my computer, about “Harmony” the latest sex doll, who is a robotic woman – complete with huge breasts, pinched waist and beatific smile – about to get her own AI app so that men can have a lovely lady to look after while they’re between real women. “Harmony”, currently only seems to have white skin, but perhaps I am wrong about that. Then I see a picture of two young men, an exhausted dog lying head bowed between their trainered feet, blood all over their hands and the ground round the dog’s head. Each man is holding one of the dog’s ears, that they’ve just cut off for a selfie. In a promo poster for a FCKH8 campaign, Iggy Pop said, “I am not ashamed to ‘dress like a woman’ because I don’t think it’s shameful to be a woman”. Gay men are hated, in part, because they are lesser men, they’re girlie, they’re cissies. That’s why women wearing traditional male attire like suits and ties is marketed as kind of sexy and titillating – because men are great and want to see reflections of themselves, not the people they hate. Real men aren’t squeamish, they prove themselves with brutal initiation ceremonies. Cut the ears off a dog, a real man won’t be upset by the yelps of agony, they’re hard and will forget (except they don’t they just pretend) the broken animal, whose only chance of survival – if it doesn’t bleed to death first is to lie down, play dead, let the master have his moment of glory. My suggestion is that governments intervene and install sex dolls in darkened alleys ways, behind dumpsters and in some marital beds, so that when someone gets the urge to rape a woman they can just go do it to the doll. That might just sort out the animal cruelty as well. Sorry, but I’ve just had it today.