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Music Editorial

stburyan17.jpg Local: St. Buryan

This is St. Buryan who look like a really proper band do they not. Thankfully, they really are.

St. Buryan? According to my sources (ie Wikipedia) St. Buryan is a civil parish and village in Cornwell which, musically, is noted for being the location of the Pipers Folk Club in the late 1960s. I’m not sure if it’s got anything to do with St. Buryan, the band, who, according to my other sources (ie their email) hail from Newcastle and Sunderland. No matter. What I do know for certain is that this five-piece bang out very excellent guitar-based pop. Now, guitar-based pop lives or dies on the quality of its riff-roaring hooks and St. Buryan appear to have a deep well full of them. Their debut demo EP from a year or two back brims with youthful vim and vigour, but they’ve stepped up a gear with the release of their first single, Everything I Said, which is a sunny slice of power-pop that is belted out with proper gusto by a lead singer who certainly knows how to hit his straps. Their next single is out in June and they’ll be launching it with a gig at Jumpin’ Jacks in Newcastle (above the Dog and Parrot pub) on 27 June with support from Alba Nights, Peace Frog and Great Waves.

Seek: facebook.stburyan